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Wish to add your site to our index page?

Step 1. Your url have to be a proxy-related website.

Step 2. Just insert the following link code into your website's index page (highly visible placement):

After clicking the "Highlight All" button, hold the "CTRL" key on your keyboard and press "C".
To insert the link code to your website's index page source code, hold the "CTRL" key and press "V".

Step 3. Drop a mail to after you have done Step 2.
It's easy as 1-2-3.

Note: Our backend engine will monitor the link code 24/7. The system will automatically remove your site if it doesn't detect our link code.

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 From 1st May 2006 to 19th May 2006, we had over 1 million pages viewed via our proxy server. Our users are mainly from
 USA, Great Britain, Spain and Singapore.
 Started in late March 2006, our traffic growth towards end of April 2006 is over 600%.
 We're currently looking for partners & sponsors in order to continue providing our free proxy services.

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