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 What is Web Proxy?

A web proxy is a script that is used to request a page from another website (from another computer or server to your computer).

For example, if you go on, and try to get to through it, obviously you will see, but technically you're actually viewing the website via the server which is hosting

A simple relationship can be seen as Your Computer accessing which pulls data from onto the server which is hosting and present on your computer screen.

Proxies are generally used for four common reasons:
#1. They serve as a cache. Proxies are able to save website data onto their servers, so that the next time you visit the website, it will be already loaded for you (unless the server's cache is cleared by the administrator).
This will make the loading time much faster.

#2. Proxies are also used to unblock websites in common places like schools, work offices, libraries and etc. Because you are surfing from another computer or server while your're on the proxy website, therefore the blocked websites will appear unblocked.
It's like remotely connecting to a computer or server to access the website.

#3. People who wish to browse the internet anonymously tend to use proxies as proxies are able to scramble the information your computer releases.

#4. Finally, proxies are also used to browse the Internet safely. Because proxies are able to remove or encrypt web pages and certain scripts, therefore lowering the chances of you contacting a virus while viewing a web page.

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